Fraction Magazine Japan Annual


Fraction Magazine Japan Annual is looking for work that is strong and ynique, brings something new to the photographic community, is immedeatly ready for promotion, and has a tight and cohesive edit. 

Submissions are open to only Japanese and East Asian photographers.


Portfolio Submissions

Please email:
Please send the following info:
- the link to your personal, custom domain (not flickr, smugmug, facebook, etc) like
- the name of the portfolio you want considered (from one body of work)
- your portfolio must have a minimum of 15 to 20 images 
- a short English statement  & your own language statement
- please do not send attachements
- please put "portfolio submission" in the subject line.


Also we are looking for a parson who knows well about East Asian emerging and veteran photographers. Please be our guest as nominator.


Submission e-mail: