Nominators List

  1. professional and base of activity
  2. opportunities, if any, where photographers may approach you with their portfolios.
  3. fields and/or styles of interest


Steven Lee

  1. Photographer, Teacher of Photography, Founder of Kuala Lumpur International               Photoawards
  2. Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards
  3. I'm interested in Portrait

Bree Lamb

1. Photographer, Assistant Editor at Fraction Magazine since 2014, Adjunct Professor of       Photography at New Mexico State University
2. Fraction Magazine
3. All Photo Art


Shigeo Goto (後藤繁雄)

1. Director of G/P Gallery, Professor of Kyoto Zoukei University
2. Tokyo Front Line Award
3. Contemporary Art


Edward Chiu (邱奕堅)

1. Chairman of Taiwan Photo, Derector of 1839 Contemporary, Professor of Chungyu           University of Film and Arts
2. Submit 1839 Contemporary Gallery
3. Creativity & Uniqueness