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by Shu Chen Chen

After was created from 2012 to 2018, and its primary content involves the condition of Taiwanese motel rooms after the occupants have left. Having myself undergone a painful experience, and working from a female point of view, I used my camera to ‘reread’ the interrelated interpretations of these motels’ gendered codes, patriarchal holdovers, obsessions with heroism, wealth games, and other symbolism, as well as the relevance of direct onsite observation to photography. I was inspired by what I found and taking these photographs simultaneously helped me to heal myself.
I used the psychological challenge of imposing myself into these spaces in order to do creative work, along with the aesthetic transformations inherent in image-making, to analyze the unique spatial culture of Taiwan’s motels. Particularly when guests have just left a room, these spaces exhibit peculiar and surreal characteristics, like residual marks, lingering odors, leftover food, and rumpled beds. This all invites individual creativity, transforming the act of viewing into a photographic practice.
Shu Chen Chen lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
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Girs_s chair    少女的椅子

 Boxing ring    塼撃場

 Extreme plesure    極速快感

 Popeye    大力水手

 Las Vegas    拉斯維加斯

 Spider-Man    蜘蛛人

Heineken     海尼根

 New York    紐約‧紐約

 school classroom-02    青青校樹-02

 Catwoman    貓女

 Dragon Slayer    屠龍記

 Train station    月台

 school classroom-01    青青校樹-01

 Kabukicho    歌舞伎町

 Batman    蝙蝠俠

Secret garden-01    祕密花園


「空場之後〈After〉」是作者在 2012-2018 年間的創作,創作內容主要是

以 台灣汽車旅館在宿主離開之後的空場狀態,作者在經歷創傷事件後,以身為女
性 的視點,使用相機來重新閱讀汽車旅館裡充滿性別象徵、殘餘父權、英雄主義、