The vessel that blossoms
by Siow-wey Hee

The artist uses her body as a vessel for flowers to convey the connection between humans and nature. Through their active and passive states, the presence of the artist’s emotions in this work allows the flowers to not just be a simple natural being but bestow a deeper correlation between them.
Siow-Wey Hee lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.
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  © Siow-Wey Hee

「花之器」 許曉薇

「花之器」(2016-2018) 以人為器,結合花卉自然之姿,動靜生成,造作出人與自然的相融合,過程中也注入了作者內 心情感,使花卉不再是單純的自然事物。更透過 器具插花的特殊寓意,從中理解其相互之關聯 與依存。