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by Taro Karibe

A series of images that have degraded, as a result of a tangled spaghetti of complex, interconnected paths of space and time. Or, fragments of a tiny world that exists as it is, free from universal and coherent stories shown on TV. You cannot extract any meaning from them with confidence. Even if you‘ get it,’ you will never be sure that there is any absolute truth. They're wriggly, slippery things that escape from your grasp through gaps in the figure-ground relationship, like the Gestalt switch you experience when seeing ambiguous figures like Rubin’s Vase.
Through a process of interrupting real-time digital television broadcast by glitches, editing out salt-and-pepper noise covering the entire screen like living organisms, and rotate/ crop the images to cut out the context, the original meanings of individual images become less clear, losing the fundamental perspective on the world. This action is similar to weaving a fabric of an abstract picture with digital signals, leaving the outcome to chance.
In today’s world where rationality and consistency are demanded in whole of society, imperfection, illogicality and chaos are likely to be excluded. Nevertheless, it gives me a sense of comfort to look at a fuzzy world where seams are not as obvious as we believe, and where multiple realities co-exist.
Taro Karibe lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
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©Taro Karibe/ 2018