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by Woon Shyue Jiun

"In the past few weeks while editing my photos, been thinking to myself why I was drawn to making these images. I don’t know what to make out of it, but, I don’t remember feeling alone in the space. Maybe the dark atmosphere, with a hint of fear―of desperately clinging to fantasy because the real world is a scary and unfair, with the fear of everything you ever cherish will vanish at some point. Maybe this is how I interpret ‘Purgatory’, a space neither heaven nor hell. 
Act of Disappearance 24.05.2014 
Carkpark is the first series from Dark Cities Trilogy(https://www.darkcitiestrilogy.com/synopsis), a series of three books of photographs re-imagining fringe spaces in the metropoles of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. 
Woon Shyue Jiun lives and works in Singapore, Singapore
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