I ate hay
by Hayate Ito

 Trying to understand something by looking at a work of art or unraveling a collection of loosely connected images is similar to deciphering a code.
In this work, I attempted to create an autobiography written in code, foreshadowing john.F.Byrne's 1918 book Silent Years.
Silent Years is written using a transcription cipher in a machine small enough to fit in a cigarette box. A transcription cipher is a simple code that only changes the order of letters, but it is said to be the most difficult to decipher by others without a decryption key. Many people have tried to decipher "Silent Years", but they have not yet been able to do so.
The title "I ate hay" is a transcription cipher using my name. It can be translated as "I ate hay" or the sentence "I live, island, go, here it is". It has a variety of meanings, such as
 This work, when opened, may have a lot of meanings like the title, or it may have no meaning at all.
 Hayate Ito lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
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©Hayate Ito

 I ate hay



本作は、1918年にjohn.F.Byrneの著書『Silent Years』を伏線として、暗号で記された自叙伝を制作することを試みた。
『Silent Years』は、煙草の箱に入るほどの小さな機械で転字暗号を用いて 記述されている。転字暗号とは文字の順序を変えるだけの単純な暗号だが、 解読キーがないと他者による解読が最も難しいと言われている。『Silent Years』も、多くの人間が解読しようと試みたが未だに解読はされていない。
タイトルの『I ate hay』とは自分の名前を使って転字暗号にしたものだ。 翻訳すると「干し草を食べた」という文や生活、島、行く、ここにある。などのいろいろな意味を持っている。