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Internal Notebook
by Miki Hasegawa

The “Internal Notebook” is a notebook of the emotional cries of children raised in abusive homes. I have taken portraits of them, along with the diaries and notebooks they have kept.
I have also tried to show what their parents were like by arranging their childhood photographs and important possessions that evoke memories of those days. It seemed to me that their parents were no different from the rest of us in thinking that we were normal parents.
The people in this project do not only feel hatred and resentment toward their parents. There are those who feel anger at themselves, unchangeable sadness, and even question whether they must forgive their parents as they desperately keep themselves alive. So we can see that the ones who tormented them were not just their parents but other adults in society as well.
Miki Hasegawa lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
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©Miki Hasegawa

Internal Notebook 



Internal Notebook」は、虐待を受けて育った子どもたちの内面的な心の叫びのノートである。私は彼、彼女らが綴った日記やノートと共に、現在の肖像を撮影した。また、子供の頃の写真や、当時の記憶を呼び起こす物から親たちの存在を表そうと試みた。しかし、そこから想像出来る親たちの存在は、私達と何も変わらないように思えた。