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Breakfast in the Snow & Other Works
by Ting Hsu  

In my creation, photography is like a spiritual painting process. Although the
images I shot lead the whole creation, they still only take up part of it. Creation
does not end after shooting. Picking, splicing, reorganizing, arranging, and
placing them into space, the timeline created by each link is like a long process.
And they also point to the moment when I shoot a photo: presence, selection,
composition, and imaging. These images’ contents are the light and space I shot.
I used wallpapers, paints, aluminum plates, and other materials to bring out the
spatial sense and texture of the images in space. The geometric composition
makes this image space a self-experiencing photo-taking behavior itself. I
reorganize broken life segments into immersive scenes. The audience does not
need to know, but to experience my works by themselves: walking, sitting, and
lying down in space. The work is like a mirror, allowing the audience to reflect on
Ting Hsu lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.
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Breakfast in the Snow & Other Works
by 徐婷