Fraction Magazine Japan was launched in cooperation with the American Fraction Magazine, which was founded in 2008 by David Bram. It is an online magazine that introduces the work of East Asian fine art photographers, both newcomers and veterans, to the photo markets of the wider world.
The first issue was published in July 2011. It was then published quarterly in a total of 21 issues until June 2016.
In 2019, Fraction Magazine Japan was relaunched as an annual publication.
All copyrights of Fraction Magazine Japan’s website belong to David Bram, Yoichi Nagata, Fraction Magazine, and Fraction Magazine Japan. The copyrights of all included photographs belong to the photographers themselves, and the copyrights of all texts to their authors. If you wish to introduce or quote the contents, please obtain permission from the respective copyright holders directly. Unauthorized reproduction or other use of the contents is prohibited.

Fraction Magazine JapanはアメリカのDavid Bramによって創刊されたFraction Magazine (2008年創刊)との提携により、東アジアの新人とベテランのファインアートフォトグラファーの作品を世界のフォトマーケットに紹介するオンラインマガジンです。
フラクションマガジンジャパンのすべてのサイトの著作権はDavid Bramおよび永田陽一およびFraction Magazine,フラクションマガジンジャパンに帰属します。掲載された写真の著作権はすべて写真家に帰属します。また掲載された文章の著作権は執筆者に帰属します。紹介・引用をご希望される方はそれぞれの著作権所有者へすみやかに許可をお取り下さい。またその他の目的で無断に転載・転用することは禁じられています。

Fraction Magazine Japan与美国人David Bram创刊的Fraction Magazine2008创刊)协作,我们的电子杂志将把东亚的新星和资深美术摄影家的作品介绍给全球的摄影市场。20117创刊至20166为止,我们作为季刊发行,共出版了21号。
Fraction Magazine Japan官方网页的所有著作权都属于David Bram,永田陽一 (Yoichi Nagata), Fraction Magazine,和Fraction Magazine Japan. 刊登照片的著作权属于该项作品的摄影家。刊登文章的著作权属于该项作品的作者。如果您希望介绍或想要引用,请迅速征得著作权人的许可。擅自使用或挪作他用将构成侵权。

Fraction Magazine Japan 미국인 David Bram 창간한 Fraction Magazine (2008 창간 제휴하여, 동아시아의 신인 및 베테랑 파인 아트 사진가들의 작품을 세계의 사진 시장으로 소개하는 온라인 잡지입니다.
창간은 2011년 7월. 2016년 6월까지 연 4회 발행하고 총 21간을 발간했습니다.
2019년부터 연 1회 발행하는 연간 잡지로서 새 시작을 했습니다.
Fraction Magazine Japan의 모든 사이트의 저작권은 David Bram 永田陽一(나가타 요이치)Fraction Magazine, Fraction Magazine Japan에 귀속합니다.  게재된 문장의 저작권은 집필자에 귀속합니다. 소개・인용을 원하시는 분은 각 저작권 소유자에 신속히 허가를 요청해주세요.
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