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Unnatural Nature
by Kana Kuwasako

These photographic works are abstract images of forests taken in various parts of Japan.
I use a combination of multiple exposures and slow shutter speeds to capture landscapes that can only be seen with the through the camera's eye.
I was born and raised in Hokkaido, so forests and mountains were parts of my everyday life.
The close contact with the light, wind and sounds of the forests in my childhood led to the creation of these images.
I felt that there was a difference not only between the view I saw through my eyes and the view recorded by the camera recorded but also my landscape perception differed from others.
I used to think of "nature" as something untouched by humans, but in fact, “nature” could also be considered as everything, including humans.
By compositing multiple layers of images, I create my own nature.
It is a view that is not visible to anyone's eyes, but the images captured by the camera are the proof that the view was truly there.
Kana Kuwasako lives and works in Sapporo/Hokkaido, Japan.
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by 桑迫伽奈