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Untitled color photograph
by Naoyuki Hata

The garden is painted *gray and photographed at night with various colors of light. New green leaves and insects appear in the gray landscape, which has been illuminated in extreme colors.
 Using a machine called a camera, I am thinking about human beings. For example, humans can see the world with wavelengths in the range of about 400~800 nanometers of electromagnetic waves, which are called visible light. Short wavelengths appear blue and long wavelengths appear red because the electrical stimuli received by the retina are projected into the brain as images. That means we also use our eyes and brain functions to see the world, and regardless of our choices, the world is already defined, and there are boundaries to the world that we can imagine. Plants and insects are connected to the world and to other life in a different way than we are, as in Uexküll's Umwelt. The network of plants communicating with each other through mycelium can be described as a kind of “Hive mind”, The individual and the whole are said to have the same consciousness, like Arthur c Clarke's Palladians.. It encourages us to commune with nature as a "kasokeiki-thing" that spreads out before our feet, without traveling into space to commune with extraterrestrial life forms.
*(naturally derived paint consisting of grass and wood ash, starch, and diatomaceous earth)

Naoyuki Hata lives and works in Ooita, Japan.
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Untitled color photograph
by 畑 直幸