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Ueno Park
by Yuta Fuchikami

Visit Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo and Museum of Art in Taito-ku, Tokyo Families and couples
- Students of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Ueno,okura theater from morning till night Transvestites drinking alcohol
nearby Street dwellers eating out at soup kitchens three times each week
Many kinds of people share the place.
From one time to the next, every day in the same place, from early morning until sunset.
I saw an artist painting a self-portrait of himself. A very ugly painting. The painter said
I'm only interested in people. People are so ugly and so beautiful.
There are a lot of people in the park. That's why I write while looking at people in the park.
My photography was the same way, people scared me and I was very interested in them.
I would walk around Ueno Park, talk to people and take their pictures.
In those photos, you and I are in the picture.

Yuta Fuchikami lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
To view more of Yuta Fuchikami's work, please visit his website.
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by 淵上 裕太

東京台東区にある上野恩賜公園 , 上野動物園や美術館を訪れる
ファミリー・カップル • 東京芸術大学の学生
朝から晩まで上野オークラ劇場の近くで酒を飲む女装 • 毎週 3 回の炊き出しで食いつなぐ路上生活者