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by Michelle Chan   

I was never close to Kaufu. My only memory of him was of buses.
He passed away in 2019, at age 50. At his flat, I discovered what he left behind – CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, comic books and a very large collection of bus-related memorabilia. Miniature bus models, books, news-cuttings and photographs of buses filled every corner of his flat and occupied three more mini-storages. I began to obsess about his obsession.
Kaufu is a long-term project, a homage to the bus driver uncle I regret never getting to know, and a tribute to his obsession with buses. Through the lens of his personal story, this project portrays the pre-handover's notion of freedom and explores the post-colonial subjectivity of Hong Kong people, currently shifting, and questions the relationship with China now.
Part-One collage work is an internal exploration of the meaning of disappearance and loss, and as a form of care towards my uncle’s death. Through physical touches and sensory connections with his belongings, I pieced together archival images and leftover materials of his bus magazines, his own photographs and objects in his collection. The collage work narrates an imagined story of his afterlife, in-between the end life and reincarnation.
Michelle Chan lives and works in Hong Kong, China
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 New Beginning



by Michelle Chan

他於 2019 年去世,享年50歲。在他的家中,我發現了他留下的東西——CD、DVD、盒式磁帶、漫畫書和大量與巴士相關的物品。微型巴士模型、書籍、新聞剪報和巴士照片充斥著他住所的每個角落,並佔據了另外三個迷你儲藏室。我開始迷戀於他對巴士的痴迷。

「舅父」 是一個長期項目,向我後悔從未認識的巴士司機舅父致敬,也是對他對巴士的愛戴和著迷的致敬。該項目通過他個人故事,描繪香港移交前的自由觀念,探索香港人目前正在轉變的後殖民主體性,並質疑現在與中國的關係。