In Loving memory of
by Sushant Chhabria

In loving memory of is a series of miniature portraits constructed by recycling snapshots of dead
people. I have used the facial features of the dead such as the eyes, nose, hair, lips even clothes to
reincarnate or give birth to new beings who may or may not exist in this world. I have also added an
actual image of my current incarnation(Traveller no 09) along with these reincarnated beings as I
believe I am part of the same process in life. I call them Travellers as I believe the soul does travel
from one incarnation to another. Each Traveller in my series has been numbered as per the order he
or she came into existence.

Sushant Chhabria is a photographer based in Mumbai, India.
To view more of Sushant Chhabria's work, please visit his website.

Traveller no. 01.JPG
Traveller no 01

Traveller no. 02.JPG
Traveller no 02

Traveller no. 03.JPG
Traveller no 03

Traveller no. 04.jpg
Traveller no 04

Traveller no. 05.jpg
Traveller no 05

Traveller no. 06.jpg
Traveller no 06

Traveller no. 07.jpg
Traveller no 07

Traveller no. 08.JPG
Traveller no 08

Traveller no. 09.jpg
Traveller no 09 (current incarnation of the artist)

Traveller no. 10.jpg
Traveller no 10

Traveller no. 11.jpg
Traveller no 11

Traveller no. 12.jpg
Traveller no 12

Traveller no. 13.jpg
Traveller no 13

Traveller no. 14.jpg
Traveller no 14

Traveller no. 15.jpg
Traveller no 15

Traveller no. 16.JPG
Traveller no 16

Traveller no. 17.jpg
Traveller no 17