Special Issue on the Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival 2013

The November 2013 Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival in Kobe was a landmark event in the annals of Japanese photography. Focused on portfolio reviews, the program brought photographers and curators of international stature together with emerging Japanese artists for a weekend of events including spirited discussions of the photography world today in Japan and around the globe.

Portfolio reviews and workshops stimulated photographers to recognize how important it is not only to stand behind the camera, but also to see and “read” the works thus created—their own as well as others’. Hopes are high that their experience of the festival will prove the valuable seeds of new photographic communities and movements to come.

Fraction Magazine Japan Issue 12 is pleased to feature seven of the festival’s participating photographers. We invite you to also take note of the complete list of staff and participants, available here.

Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival

Yukari Chikura

Kazuhiko Washio

Tetsuya Kusu

Tadatoshi Masuda

Tsubasa Fujikura

17_MG_6969 _saiki.jpg
Katsumi Saiki

Coju Hemmi

Akira Gomi