Fossil of light
by Kazuyuki Soeno

I was hit by a truck ignoring a traffic light, awoke to find laying myself on the bed in intensive care unit of emergency hospital one week after the traffic accident.
It was light that came into my sight just when I came out. I happened to have opportunity to keep seeing inside the body for a month through daily monitoring by X-ray and endoscopy. This unusual experience reflects to my work.
This series are a kind of photogram: producing photographic prints from wing of insect, which was on the street, placed to enlarger. A new breath is given on photographic printing paper by the light through the wing of insect. It is, however, not a real life but it is called “fossil of light” transformed on printing paper.

Kazuyuki Soeno is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
please visit his website.

Lucanus maculifemoratus

Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata

Tenodera aridifolia

Stenopsyche marmorata

Osmylus tessellatus

Calopteryx atrata

Tabanus chrysurus

Tenodera angustipennis

Bombus hypocrita sapporoensis

Periplaneta fuliginosa

Sympetrum infuscatum

Acrida cinerea

Oncotympana maculaticollis

Sympetrum pedemontanum elatum

Locusta migratoria

Sieboldius albardae