Selected by Steven Lee

Photographer, Teacher of Photography, Founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photoaward

Statement by Steven Lee

Who Are You?
by Aizuddin Saad

Do you believe that you can tell a person’s character by looking at their shoes? A simple test for you! Look down at your shoes right now. What are you wearing? Sneakers? Shiny, well-polished shoes? High heels? Well, whatever your choice, this test shows that shoes can paint a picture of the your emotional, attitude and other vital personality traits.
The idea to create this photo series started from my job as a photojournalist for a main newspaper in Malaysia. Everyday I was assigned to taking pictures for different assignments. From there, it gave me an opportunity to recognise various human characters, from the worst, to the good person.
Through my daily journeys facing various human characters, shoes are the best medium to represent the human personality.

Aizuddin Saad is a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Cleaner. Foreign worker from Bangladesh, Ranju Syuruzaman 40 years old.

Prayers. Foreign worker from Bangladesh, Jamal Soleh Mordi 28 years old.

Expat. Expatriate from Venezuela, Nila Palacios 37 years old.

Flower seller. Flower seller, Connie Leong 50 years old.

Rugby player. International Islamic University Malaysia Mustang rugby player, Muhammad Irsyad Mardi 21 years old.

Kompang players. Malay traditional instrument Kompang player, Shaiful Abdul Azim 13 years old.

Primary student. Primary school student, Norhezry Hakimi 12 years old.

Construction worker. Foreign worker from Indonesia, Wagiman Pudyianto 26 years old.

Firefighter. Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department personnel, Mohd Rizal Yassin 25 years old.

Civil servant. Civil servant in Malaysia Royal Customs Department, Aziah Ahmad Yusni 30 years old.

Protester. Supporter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, Zainal Abdul Rahim 47 years old.

RELA. Paramilitary civil volunteer corps, Vasanthi Yaganbaram 40 years old.

Photojournalist. Oriental Daily newspaper photographer, Tan Wei Khang 35 years old.

Backpacker. Explorer, Thierry Montaner 37 years old.

Traveller. Broadcasting engineer, Erme Harlini Zulkifli 31 years old.