Selected by Steven Lee

Photographer, Teacher of Photography, Founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photoaward

Statement by Steven Lee

Home Visits (2009)
by Alecia Neo

I am most drawn to individuals with stories to tell, common people with imperfections. I see my own vulnerability in theirs.
In this series, I photograph people in the neighbourhood that I grew up in. Being one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates developed by the government’s public housing authority, Queenstown is populated with curious characters. Some have lived in this area all their lives, building a tight knit social group within the estate, while others are foreigners, making this place home temporarily.
I find myself being captivated by the way these individuals move and rest in their spaces. My approach focuses on my sitters’ personalities, relationships and their spaces. Often photographing them in their homes and workspaces, the images offer an insider’s peek into the psyche and lives of Singaporeans, while subtly suggesting how people deal with loneliness. While the nation is often conveniently dismissed as monotonous and operating with clinical dentistry, the presence of these tenderly ordinary individuals enchanting.

Alecia Neo is a photographer based in Singapore.
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1. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Hearing Aid Aunty.jpg

2. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Michael and Philip.jpg

3. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Wendy and Mother.jpg

4.Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Le Hong, Bedroom.jpg

5. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Blk 152 barber and landlord.jpg

6. Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Mary.jpg

7. Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Ah Seng before Qing Ming.jpg

8. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_Tenants Longzhi and Dan Dan.jpg

9. Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Uncle San and Newspaper.jpg

10. Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Grandmother with Hunched -back.jpg

11 Alecia Neo Home Visits_Sally in Blue.jpg

12. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_War Veteran 62.7cm x 83.8cm.jpg

13 Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Shana and daughter.jpg

14. Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_Karaoke man in Green.jpg

15. Alecia Neo Saini first day at work 62.7cm x 83.8cm.jpg

16. Alecia Neo_Home Visits_ Ah Gu 62.7cm x 83.8cm.jpg

17 Alecia-Neo_Home Visits_David Red Party.jpg