Selected by Steven Lee

Photographer, Teacher of Photography, Founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photoaward

Statement by Steven Lee

In the Raw
by Geraldine Kang

In the raw began as a project to break the ice amongst my family members. It was a great way to get my family to understand the issues I deal with as an artist: respecting the need of all sorts of expression, usage of nudity in image-making and the logistics and practicalities of art production. It was also for me, the artist, to confront and sort out my feelings about my family and my position in it.

While I had no illusions that the project would actually change any of the existing issues in the family, it was a platform that I hoped would encourage a development of closeness when the artwork was not being made.
The work comprises staged fictional episodes loosely based on photographs and memories that I share with both immediate and extended family. I have also chosen to include Fehri, our domestic helper from Indonesia who has been with us for 11 years.
The naked body is used as a metaphor for both physical and emotional vulnerability, in particular relation to issues concerning parent-child relationships, inter-generational relationships and most of all death. The act of presenting the mature adult body as child-like is particularly important in the work, as I believe all of us remain children, right from birth till death. I now have many new memories of my family, and they serve as a searing reminder of the love that exists, and to not take this love for granted.

Geraldine Kang is a photographer based in Singapore.
To view more of Geraldine Kang's work, please visit her website.

In the raw_#1_Geraldine Kang.jpg

In the raw_#2_Geraldine Kang.jpg

In the raw_#3_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Mother and Child I

In the raw_#4_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Father and Son

In the raw_#5_Geraldine Kang.jpg
At the breakfast table

In the raw_#6_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Getting to know you

In the raw_#7_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Ghost stories

In the raw_#8_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Marble eggs

In the raw_#9_Geraldine Kang.jpg

In the raw_#10_Geraldine Kang.jpg

In the raw_#11_Geraldine Kang.jpg

In the raw_#12_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Taking a joke

In the raw_#13_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Sharing a bedroom

In the raw_#14_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Mother and Child II

In the raw_#15_Geraldine Kang.jpg
Family portrait

In the raw_#16_Geraldine Kang.jpg
See and not say