“The Death Of Graduating Students”
by Wei Chung Wong

The Death of Graduating Students: About the social system against young people.

This is the first project I want to do. After the obligatory military period, my friends
and I usually discussed about the great impact of work which we just attended to.
The enviroment and customs are totally different from what we learned at school.
Unforturnately, it is what we are confronted with: The social system.

I invite real graduating students to join the shooting plan at their own school in the
real graduation season. There are six specializations I chose as subjects: Law,
Education, Social work, Nursing, Engineering, and Music. As students of law school,
they learned everything about the balance of interest between parties while dealing
with the tricky test of lawyer changed by government per year. As nurses, social
workers or engineers, they learned professional knowledge at school, but the
definition of words in career, such as “system of job responsibility” “Sweat Company
(Sweatshop, or ブラック企業)”or “karoshi(過労死/かろうし)”. Teachers are still seeking
to survive in the complex relationship between government, school, students and parents.
Musicians who work behind the screen are still creating music with great passion regardless
of what they could earn in the digital market...

“We die on the graduating day, and learn to keep us alive with a new identity
tomorrow.” they said.

Wei Chung Wong is a photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan.
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