by Takeshi Shikama

The forest always stands there, motionless, in total stillness.

This is the image I have always had of the forest.

Yet, while continuing to make my way through the folds of trees deep inside the
forest, it has dawned upon me that the forest is, in fact, the home of ever so many
silent and hushed activities. The repeated cycle of the myriads of organisms
cradled in the bosom of Mother Nature, all destined to be born, eventually to fade
into evanescence...

I must have unknowingly felt this all along, and this probably explains why I have
always been fascinated by the forest.

And now, I find myself more and more intrigued by the scenes of fleeting moments
of all living things such as plants and flowers about to wither, and streams of
flowing water, or the shadows cast by trees that I happen to find beneath my feet.

Filled with the desire to closely observe each and every living thing or scene co-
existing with the forest amidst the vast flow of time, I leave myself to be wrapped
in the gentle oscillation of nature, waiting for the perfect moment that will
captivate the eyes of my camera lens.

Platinum Palladium printing on Japanese hand made Gampi Paper

Takeshi Shikama is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
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