by Kikuji Kawada

The shadow of a photograph declares.
The most important thing for me was to stand on the site. I witnessed Chernobyl and also the suicidal blazes in Tibet. The ultimate portrait was sublime for all.
When beginning to search for the hidden vision from a photograph, one becomes intoxicated with the magic of the image, and you forget that the original power of the euphoria weakens like a legal narcotic.

Electronic montages are a way to discover several random chances. Violence and crime, or when a dictator transforms his face, the negative and positive images whisper to us. A blurred photo and a fuzzy photo too, they inform us about the enigmatic fringes.

A blue sky splits, a black sun raises its voice. Over the city of becquerels a quarter moon rises and the view seen from the tower constantly changes.
Young Tibetans who self-immolate, the news faces of dictators, even boys and girls whose parents were swallowed by the sea are born again, showing beaming faces like a cumulonimbus cloud.

(English translation by Kevin L. Dunn.)

Kikuji Kawada is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
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2012.Tokyo, Last Cherry blossom

2012, Tokyo, April Chaos Cloud

2011, Tokyo, Typhoon

2011, Fukushima 1Site Nuclear Power Plant

2011, 3.11 S.O.S. NHK TV

2011, Tokyo, Shadow in Shadow

2011,Tokyo, Ivy Plants

2012, Tokyo

2012, Tokyo, Lost Child(From “LOST & FOUND PROJECT”)