by Tomohide Ikeya

I'm a photographer who has a concept of "Control" for my work.Water is one of "uncontrolled" things which the human being never can to do.
I had a lot of opportunities to think about ‘water’ with doing scuba diving in several countries as a hobby.
The beauty of sunshine viewed from under water, daily life of aquatics and me as human just be able to see their world for a moment...
We thought human could control water if we had lots of equipments and cared for risks in water, but human never be able to live in water. And we also never be able to live without water.
Water doesn’t only give a life, but also takes a life. On the other hand, water is not the Mother of Creation or the Master of Destruction, it’s just be there as ‘water’.
Water is a philosophical existence very much even be as ’just water’. I had been fascinated with water more and more and I had gotten a zeal for expression it.
It is one of reasons which I became a photographer, so I have been creating my works which has a relation with water.
I'm expressing "enthusiasm for life" by photography throughout the figure of Water and Human.

Tomohide Ikeya is a photographer based in Yokohama, Japan .
To view more of Tomohide Ikeya's work, please visit his website.

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