I am more than my face
by Mitsuko Nagone

With this project, I intend to create myself, instead of finding my identity. I believe that oneself should be created, instead of being found. People often ask themselves, "Who am I?" However, this may take them away from the truth. The definition of who they are could limit their own possibilities and the infinity of their essences. I think that one of the various attempts to create a new self can be the challenge of breaking their notion about oneself they already have. I use myself and intentionally try to break regular or ordinary forms and produce the forms that does not normally make.

To express this idea through my work, I obscure my face to break viewers' first impressions of the face when they see portraits. Also I believe that one of the common misconception is trying to read all into one's face. The human face seems to emphasize "who" a person is and gives some insight about the individual, but this may misinform the audience. I would like to challenge the viewers’ misconceptions and stereotypes.

Mitsuko Nagone is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
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