Collect Stamps
by Gavin Au

Starting from the invention of photography, it carries the function and intent of peeping. From undercover agents who sneak into the enemies’ base to stalkerazzi who doggedly pursues celebrities, peeping has its functionality and place in our society.

Peeping was originated from our desire and curiosity; it is an evolution beyond our regular eyesight and perspective. So many people are intrusively peeping into other people’s lives, we have slipped into the generation of peeping. No matter how moral, ethical and well educated you are, the temptation of “Peeping” is simply irresistible. Although we cannot affirm the legality of peeping, we cannot deny peeping as a function of modern photography; notwithstanding its moral and ethical stance, peeping has been an important component of the cultural of photography.

What I have done in the series of “Upskirt”, is a peculiar expression on the ethical paradox between “beauty” and “filth”, a sensitive social subject expressed through the innocent doll figures. The delight of being legality and illegality is comparable to the contemplation after Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, even the act of peeping has not gained general reorganization, it is indeed has it’s function in our society.

In this veiled world when truth is always being ignored and disregarded, who doesn’t want to have a peep.

The series of "Upskirt" expressed people's curiosity over others and the desire of possession. "Collect Stamps" focused on the rapacious instinct of human, similar to the stamp collector's plentiful collections germinating from his first collected stamp, his desire will not be satisfied until he has got everything stored in his private album.

Gavin Au is an artist based in Hong Kong, China.
To view more of Gavin Au's work, please visit his website.

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