Selected by Shigeo Goto

Director (G/P Gallery)
Statement by Shigeo Goto

untouched flower
by Ryo Fujimoto

When we go travel, can research our destination in advance on the Internet. Of course, we visit there with expectation that our existing images would be betrayed in a positive way, however unfortunately we tend to end up "checking out the images we had in advance", or sometimes, in terrible cases, the images are even damaged because of going to the place actually. Therefore, it might be more sensible to stay in the narrow room without landing from after the voyage, and keep watching the delicate mechanical fish passing in front of the glass of the porthole, such as desesseintes, the protagonist of "Against the Grain"(nevertheless I cannot stop traveling).
I bought flowers at random on the Internet "without seeing them directly in detail" , made the petals bloom again inside the monitor, and(attempted to)connect the branch that I picked up at random in riverside near my house "as atoll to check if it is possible to touch them or not".
I compared my 24inch PC monitor to a kind of device to reflect my imagination about "untouched" Higan or sanctuary. Now, through the cut petals that turn to the other side, I present the works as an attempt to visualize the absence or the residue od the memory.

Ryo Fujimoto is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
To view more of Ryo Fujimoto's work, please visit his website.


untouched flower #1


untouched flower #2


untouched flower #3


untouched flower #4


untouched flower #5


untouched flower #6


untouched flower #11


ntouched flower #12


untouched flower #7


untouched flower #8


untouched flower #9


untouched flower #10