Selected by Shigeo Goto

Director (G/P Gallery)
Statement by Shigeo Goto

Waste Park
by Takaaki Akaishi

Regarding my style, I tend to create new works by utilizing works of my own. Therefore, the style of my artwork changes every time I create a new work, according to the style of an artwork which I choose as a motif of a new work. This approach leads to introducing a variety of means of expression, where in a sense, photography works as a way to record such situation. I have also been paying close attention to the common process such as lifecycles of products, in which a newly developed product becomes widespread but soon gets outdated because of the development of other new products. Repetition of things, endless structures -- creating such situations is the key objective of my production.

Takaaki Akaishi is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
To view more of Takaaki Akaishi's work, please visit his website.

takaakiakaishi01_mountain range.jpg

Mountain Range





takaakiakaishi04_works and odds and ends#4.jpg

works and odds and ends#4

takaakiakaishi05_UBRM#001,Masahiro Satsuka.jpg

UBRM#001.Masahiro Satsuka

takaakiakaishi06_Installation view,on the flow,G/P gallery,2012.jpg

Installation view,on the flow,G/P gallery,2012

takaakiakaishi07_Waste Park(Cushion#4).jpg

Waste Park(Cushion#4)

takaakiakaishi08_Installation view,UNBROKEN ROOM,G/P gallery,2013.jpg

Installation view,UNBROKEN ROOM,G/P gallery,2013

takaakiakaishi09_In My Room#2.jpg

In My Room#2

takaakiakaishi10_In My Room#4.jpg

In My Room#4





takaakiakaishi13_Dress(Lisako Ishigami).jpg

Dress(Lisako Ishigami)

takaakiakaishi14_UBRM#084-085.Kanako Yuasa.jpg

UBRM#084-085.Kanako Yuasa

takaakiakaishi15_Installation view,hyper-materiality on photo, G/P gallery Shinonome,2015.jpg

Installation view,hyper-materiality on photo, G/P gallery Shinonome,2015

takaakiakaishi16_Waste Park(model#1).jpg

Waste Park(Model#1)

takaakiakaishi17_Waste Park(Flimsy stele).jpg

Waste Park(Flimsy Stele)